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How To Fit Wood Venetian Blinds

Before fitting, check to see if there are any obstructions, i.e. vents or handles, which would affect the smooth operation of the blind. Make an allowance for these when fitting.

venetian blind brackets

Fitting the brackets

When not fitting into wood, always use proper plugs and screws of sufficient length to obtain a secure fixing.

Top / Face Fix Bracket

Fit one of these in from each end of the blind, ensuring it does not interfere with the components. Space the remaining brackets evenly across the width of the blind, again avoiding the working components in the headrail.

End Fix / Centre Support

The end fix bracket can be face, top or side fixed. Position the brackets at each end of the window recess remembering that the brackets are handed (ie left or right). Evenly space the centre support brackets over the length of the blind, ensuring it will not interfere with the components in the headrail.

Fitting the Blind

If valance clips have been supplied, fit these onto the headrail before offering it into the brackets. Slide the headrail into the brackets taking care not to damage the top slat.

Fitting Blind into Top/Face Fix brackets: Fit valance as above. Make sure the lever on the bracket is pulled forward, now offer the headrail up to the brackets and hold horizontally. Swivel the lever towards the headrail locking the headrail into the brackets. Pull down lightly on the headrail to ensure that it is securely fixed.

Fitting blind into Universal End Fix brackets: Fit valance as above. Now snap down the flap ensuring the slot at the bottom of the flap is securely located into the bottom of the bracket. Finally fit the valance in the valance clips and centre on the blind.

Cleaning Instructions

Wipe the blind down regularly with a lint free cloth to keep dust from building up. If there is a build up of grime, then wipe the slats with a solution of mild detergent in warm water and then finally wipe the slats with a cloth rinsed in clean water.

Operating Instructions

Lowering : To unlock the cods, pull the cord towards the centre of the blind and gently release the cords through your hand until the blind reaches the required drop. Lock the cords by returning them to the side of the blind.

Raising : Pull the cord towards the centre of the blind and downwards until the blind reaches the desired height and then lock in place by returning them to the side of the blind. On larger blinds, a cleat may be requested to help support the weight of the blind.

Tilting: Gently pull one of the cords until the desired angle is achieved, and to reverse, pull the other cord. Do not over pull the cords as this may damage the blind.


Young children can strangle in a loop of pull cords, chains and tapes, and cords that operate window coverings. They can also wrap cords around their necks.

To avoid strangulation and entanglement, keep cords out of the reach of young children. Move beds, cots and furniture away from window covering cords.

You can take a number of practical and simple precautions to significantly reduce the risk of accidents, and many of our products are inherently child safe.